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Oh right! I’m on the radio in 2 minutes.



Getting ready for radio again this week, and here is a little taste. I think I’ve played Dessa in most of my playlists, which I hope the FCC doesn’t consider a Call to Action.

Welp, I couldn’t get into the radio room, and then the station manager hadn’t yet put my music in the system, and then not all of the songs would go into the system, and then the computer decided that some of the songs were not playable, but you know what? Whatever. I’m practicing holding it together under pressure, because that’s a useful skill.

I am doing BWR radio again this Sunday! So tune in to 90.7 FM from 12-2 PM (CST) if you’re in the area, or listen online at (I’m not sure that’s the right link, and can’t be held responsible if you need to Google it). Here’s hoping I remember how to use the equipment, because I’m pretty sure I’m on my own this time.