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It’s restaurant week in Birmingham, so yesterday B and I went to a fancy restaurant and had a super decadent meal: crispy duck confit with a stuffed fig, drop biscuit pork belly sliders, smoked fried chicken with a summer bean salad and the butteriest of brioches, mascarpone panna cotta, a Night of Joy and a Hemingway Daiquiri. That’s just what I ate. I was so full afterward that my back hurt. I don’t have any pictures because who stops to take pictures when the food is that good?


Boyfriend and I are back from a speed-tasting trip to Kansas City, MO, where we ate barbecue and drank incredible cocktails. While driving, we did a vertical tasting of Kanye albums. Twice, we had the best ice cream I’ve ever had. We hunted down fancy cocktail ingredients so we could make them at home. We ate the world’s best fried chicken in Memphis, TN. We (okay: me) internally-heart-scampered through the contemporary wing at the Nelson-Atkins Museum. We drank crazy good coffee. We drove through Arkansas. We had a 10-course meal at this restaurant. We ate foie gras with pickled cherries. We sat in the Cauldron for a Sporting Kansas City match. I drove so much a piece of my car fell off yesterday.

In all this driving and eating and drinking, I think I picked up a book once. I’m telling myself it’s still only midway through July! and I have time to settle back into reading and writing. When I finally checked my email after the last long drive back to Alabama, I found out that my book is not getting published by an awesome publisher due to time and $, but they loved it and want to put part of it in their online journal. So, okay. It always stinks to get another no, but also, this was a wonderful email because this person out there in the world read my book and enjoyed it. Someday, other people will do the same thing. So in the meantime I’ll sit on the couch with the cat and my laptop and a homemade Martinez and my new Cindy Sherman The Complete Untitled Film Stills and words that scatter and shrink.

Cats work that way. They don’t trip over their love.

I have a cold, and for some reason my sternum hurts. When I stand too quickly, it feels like I am trying to open up my ribcage, crack the two sides against each other like the stiff walls of a fortune cookie. I am waiting to go home, tomorrow, to the last few days before I start teaching again, and the last few days in my pink house. I am waiting for energy to return, so that I can write and stop feeling inadequate about not writing. I am waiting for late-night pho.

After the race, there was a crawfish boil, and then boyfriend and I ate lunch and Dippin Dots and I got an new orchid. I beat my old 5K time by about 3 minutes, and I think I could have been running faster. Sprinted to the finish and boyfriend took a really unsharable picture of me looking like I was going to vomit. I think these magic new shoes are working.

Tornado dreams and my first chapbook rejection.

I spent a little time in New York with my parents and sister, a pretty normal outing for us, and MAN I forgot how much food is in New York! Every single storefront was a restaurant. So many different kinds of food, so many choices. I’ve gotten used to living in a place where, if you want to have Thai food, there are only two choices and only one that I like, only one sushi place worth eating at, only one pizza place worth eating at, etc…you get the idea. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have choices. Imagine if there were THREE Thai restaurants! Crazy. Of course, we ended up eating at a diner. Whomp whomp.