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I just finished looking through the whole Film Stills book for the first time, and I kept thinking about linearity and the artist’s resistance to it through numbering and sequencing away from pattern, and the artist’s acquiescence to it through putting the work in a book with page numbers, a book that opens and closes and thus creates a passageway. I was always one of those kids who had to read the whole choose-your-own-adventure book. When you put something in an order I will keep it in order for you. So order and positioning are things that I take seriously, that have intonations and causality and speed and questions implicit in them. When I read your writing, I take those things into consideration, whether you intended this reading experience or not. When I enter a museum, I have to decide how to approach the rooms–what order, direction, walls first, central display first, main room first, side room first, far side to near side or vice versa, how long to linger. How much I would like to speak.

Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #8