Monthly Archives: September 2013

Pro Tip: accidentally brew your Toddy coffee for 24 hours, instead of the 12 hours you’ve been instructed to do.



I have to keep reminding myself that the act of beginning to read a book does not enter me into a contract whereby I must finish the book. Some books are not for me, and not finishing doesn’t make me deficient. So goodbye to this book that I’m reading. It’s perfectly okay, but I’d like to read something that excites me.

This morning I brought my breakfast into the living room, so I could sit in the sweet spot of early light and work on writing, and I sort of screamed (okay, I really screamed) when I saw this:



To be clear, I screamed out of excitement, but it does also look like a snake monster.

This feels appropriate. Things are blooming around here. I’m going to send my thesis advisor a chunk of poems and an explanation of my book today, and then I’m going into the type lab to cut paper and letterpress print one of my poems. B and I are going back to Birmingham to celebrate his birthday early, and next week I’m reading with other Artifice writers, and then I’m driving out to Atlanta to stay with one of my closest friends for a few days. I’ve been reading and writing and swimming in rivers and biking to campus and cooking. After a creatively dry summer, my brain is moving again. Is it the start of the school year? Can I replicate this feeling without a new semester every few months? Or—my secret hope—will life outside of school feel like this all the time?