Lately lots of people have been asking what the fox says, but obviously they are not reading their Jorie Graham because

fox says
                                                  what a rough garment
                                                  your brain is
you wear it all over you, fox says
                                                  language is a hook you
                                                  got caught,
try pulling somewhere on the strings but no
                                                  they are all through you,
                                                  had you only looked
down, fox says, look down to the
                                                  road and keep your listening
                                                  up, fox will you not
move on my heart thinks checking the larder the
                                                  locks fox
says your greed is not
                                                  precise enough.  

Somehow I ended up 2/3 of the way through this book before my brain figured out how to read it. But it’s great. Now to settle into attempts-to-write while short ribs braise in the oven and B grades on the other couch. It’s my intent to let myself write whatever, and just keep going, because I tend in the other direction, and JEEZ look at those gorgeous long thoughts I mean she’s just talking about a fox and it’s delicate and trailing along my brain I can’t get enough and I start to have thoughts like I’m still in the shower and everything’s steamy and full of possibility.


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